October 2012

I know, It’s not the right date.  However, it was pretty darned important this past weekend..

I had a client here at Stitchknit, who informed me when she came in on Saturday,  my license tabs were not current.  You guessed it, they were Oct 2012.  Clear as anything.  As soon as her appointment was finished, I headed for my folder of info about the van……….and the laptop, to check my records about renewing the tabs.

Stitchknit Van

Almost at the same time, I was looking up numbers and calling local license tab people, to see if they could tell me what I needed to do first.  (Remember, this was Saturday. No license places open past 4 & only two open past 1)  Current time Noon!  Thinking I had to take it in for emission testing, that brought up another problem….    I’ve been driving around with the ‘check engine’ light on for almost ever.  About 2 weeks after I got the van actually.

Could get no licensing place  to even answer the phone, and when I entered my license number in on line……….I had an even bigger surprise.  No record of my license in WA state.  What?  I had purchased this from a dealership (through a family connection) and was told all the testing/emissions/title transfer had been taken care of.

I am the type that doesn’t pay attention to my license plate.  Ever.  But, I am the type to pay bills when I get them.  I tell you, nothing came last fall, telling me to renew  these tabs.

Skip to the ending of the saga……..    Since I didn’t feel like I should tempt fate a minute longer, I asked someone to stop into the license tab place & ask what I should be doing first.  Repair the light, get the emission tested, nope….get a 3 day pass on the tabs…..   I just couldn’t figure out what needed to be done first & how to do it with no license.  (amazing I was not spotted all the time from October til April!!! Or, for that matter……….earlier, since the license was not correct)

The staff member at the license tab place called me & said she would just sell me new license plates.  And a tab for 2013.  No need for emissions, since the van hadn’t been licensed for OVER a year.  No license.  No tabs.  The ones that were on the van didn’t exist, nor did the license number on the plates!  Within the hour, I had new plates, with a current tab and they were ON the van.

If I wasn’t so grateful for how quickly this got resolved, at no added cost………I’d be a touch cranky.  Where in the world did all the info from the dealership go so wrong?  Here I’ve been driving around since July of 2011 with plates that were wrong………and since Oct without current tabs, never mind the ones that were on there were not mine either!

Way more excitement than I needed this week.  But, oh so happy I have a van that is now legally licensed.  I am left to wonder about things like the title & registration……


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