Spring Cleaning = Spring Sale

I have been cleaning here at Stitchknit.  Usually, that means I can’t find something.  🙂  I have one zip lock baggie with the bobbins for the Phaff machine that are eluding me yet, again…..  But, that isn’t the biggest reason I’m cleaning.

I found a 3 metal shelving units through Craigslist and have moved 2 of them into the studio.  I don’t know if I will ever have enough storage space, but these are certainly helping.  In the process of streamlining the Etsy inventory and shipping “departments”, I’ve gathered up dozens of pieces that just need to find new homes!


I’m already working on items for fall and there is only so much I can fit in this studio…………new shelves or not!  So, I’ve added a section to the shop & have it labeled Spring Cleaning!  Stop by for a look & feel free to help me clear some space here!     Dates for the sale:  April 11-21



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