A White Heart

I’m a day late in posting for Treasury Tuesday…………..but this was just too pretty to pass up.  (and my little hearts are included!)

I was crocheting yesterday, to meet a special order of lavender hearts, so Tuesday just vanished!  I did get all 80 of the little hearts completed, and made the deadline at our post office, so they will arrive in CA today by noon.  I timed myself on 10 hearts, before I committed to the order, so I knew I could finish it on time.  But, typical “life stuff” did keep cropping up here, so my certainty wavered a bit towards late afternoon.  With 30 minutes to spare, I was in line at the post office with my 80 little hearts!  Let me tell you, my fingers could make hearts now, without having my brain engaged………..  🙂

‘A White Heart’ by demetgun3

Just hitched with a whi…


White heart fabric broo…


Rustic Hearts: Set of 5…


SET of 2pcs wooden hear…


Personalized White Hear…


White heart tea dish wi…


Snow White Heart Post S…


Porcelain leaf heart di…


Fine Silver Heart Stud …


ocean heart rock ring -…


White hearts (5×7)


Rustic Heart Ornament …


White Heart Adjustable …


Wedding Decorations, Se…


Heart Candle With Paint…


White Heart Cocktail Ha…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

2 thoughts on “A White Heart

    • I try to add in some time for that ‘life stuff’ each day, but some days surprise me…. and things just keep cropping up. I was told once to not write out a TO DO list unless it was on an Etch a Sketch, so I could quickly change it! Good advice….

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