10 Must Haves for My Sewing Room

Let’s see if I can keep this list to 10. I’m assuming the obvious……….sewing machine & an iron & ironing board. (although, one could get along without the ironing board…………a big towel folded up, will work to iron on)

So, here are the things I think are important!

1) Scissors. Small ones, with tiny little points. And, a big pair of shears. Kept sharp! Pinking shears are nice, but not a have-to. And, I’m never without my little snip thingys. I wear mine on a ribbon around my neck, so they are always close. If we’re talking lots of sewing, a rotary cutter & the biggest mat you have room for!

2) Disappearing ink fabric pen. Wonder how I managed before these? Just be sure to test the ink out on your fabric first before going crazy and marking everything!

3) The long handled tweezers that come with most sergers. I use mine for so many tasks besides using it to thread the serger. It makes a great little point to poke out the corners if you’re turning something inside out, I use it to tuck a heavier piece of fabric under the presser foot, and with one of my machines, the bobbin sits on the top……laying flat & the tweezers do a better job of popping that bobbin out than my fingers do.

4) Lots of trash cans….everywhere. I don’t always get my trimmings into one of them, but there is a better chance if I have one located next to the machines, the ironing board and the cutting table.

5) An office type chair, with wheels and a swivel. So easy to set up the machines at right angles to each other and work between the two of them.

6) I love my extra long straight pins. I use quilters pins, which are a bit longer than the usual pins sold for sewing. I like the ones with the fancy colored tops to them, so if I drop one (or many) they are easier to spot!

7) A collection of measuring tools. All kinds. Little 6″ rulers, yard sticks, tape measures, all sorts of templates with rulers printed on them and I’ve even added a 6′ steel straight edge!

8) Several little container things……..no idea if they have a name, but mine are from the hardware store. Both have stacks of little drawers that are see through and they work so great for storing all the hundreds of tiny things that I want to have accessible but not loose. My tiny tools for the machines, sewing machine needles, hook & eyes, snaps……..you get the idea. No matter how many drawers I have, I can fill them!

9) I have 6 pincushions. At least. One by each machine, one on the ironing board, one or two on the cutting table, one in my fitting room for clients and one in my purse! Many times it has come in handy!

10) A tension rod put up inside a book case. What for?? I thread all my spools of ribbon, elastic, twill tape, etc on the rod and just reel off what I need for a project. Stays neat and I can see everything I have on hand.

I’m waiting to hear what you can’t live without in your sewing room!


4 thoughts on “10 Must Haves for My Sewing Room

    • I don’t think I could get along without mine anymore. They really capture hundreds of little tiny things that are necessary to sew. What I really need to figure out is a new system for keeping full bobbins. Haven’t found anything I really like for them yet.

  1. Since I put mine up, I have come up with other things that will work too…..like my bolts of elastic. A couple more tension rods are on my list now!

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