Place Catchy Title Here

Too tired to think of a catchy title …… feel free to make one up!

I had a day that was just a bit too long.
It happened to be the first day to hit 80 here in the Seattle area (I fade fast at anything above 72)
I didn’t get a decent nights sleep, late night phone call….my moms twin had fallen & was in the ER
Up at the crack of dawn this AM, to get some things in the yard accomplished before the temp headed UP….and to check on my aunt.

Met with a new client this AM & he is going to be so fun to work with. In the small world dept, we ended up with a connection through a mutual friend. Love when that happens!

Then, the fun really started. I have been watching a new email list re; estate sales & auctions and had really checked out 1 that was happening this weekend & was less than 10 miles away. I decided not to go on Fri, or Sat….but to wait closer to closing time today. This one had what looked like obsessively sorted fabric, notions and YARN. LOTS……..OF……..YARN.

I stowed my seats in the van, took cash, and bags for the yarn, but was totally unprepared for the crowds, the weather and the mind boggling amount of yarn this woman had. Besides a 3 story house, there was a huge garage and 2 buildings that I’m not sure what they were used for. One building was ALL fabric, and then there was fabric on all 3 floors of the home. The yarn was also located in 3 places. Not a convenient set up in my opinion, but then……they didn’t ask me!

The yarn was in labeled boxes (apple boxes) and I ended up not needing my bags. The crew just took the boxes I had set aside and loaded my van for me! Great news, as I was more than warm at this point. The van is FULL. Boxes stacked 3 high, from the front seats to the back lift gate, and a bolt of fabric squeezed in on the top layer for good measure.

I’ll get a picture of the bounty ……….but not tonight. As I said, I’m more than tired. Happy. But tired.

Think it is time to grab some yarn, get in a comfy chair with my feet up and watch some mindless TV for a bit.

Not sure if my brain will shut off. I learned today, that after the sales (at least from this company) if there is yarn, fabric, or crafty stuff as they called it…..leftover……they take it to the dump. The staff did tell me to contact the office tomorrow & let them know I’m interested, as well as a list of others that would be happy to take this type of thing off their hands! When I left at closing this afternoon, there must have been 75 more boxes of yarn that didn’t sell. It’s going to haunt me! 🙂

Will be dreaming of yarn……

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