Estate Sale Haul

Yarn & More Yarn

Yarn & More Yarn

Here’s the van with the goodies from yesterdays Estate Sale visit!  I’ve taken a couple boxes out, so it shows how far the boxes go!  I’ve got space for them inside already, but I’m waiting for the 80+ temps to subside first!

I brought some of the vintage items in from the first row of boxes, and plan to get some pictures of them tomorrow.  There will be some things I didn’t plan on bringing home, as people kept going through “my” boxes before they got moved to the van…….but, I’m thrilled with what I see on the top layer of this collection!

Buying yarn or supplies this way is one of my favorites.  Not knowing exactly what I have to work with is part of the fun.  Getting items I wouldn’t normally choose……….seeing color combinations I wouldn’t typically put together…… so much more fun than ordering on line.  I certainly didn’t get the “shopping” gene!

The crew at the sale didn’t really believe me when I said I’d take a van full of yarn!  🙂


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