Tiny Tip Saves Time in the Sewing Room

Painters Tape.  That’s my tip.  I actually use it for all sorts of things in the sewing room, but the way I used it yesterday is one that has saved me the most time.

And, a look at my fancy-pants pattern weights!

And, a look at my fancy-pants pattern weights!

This time it was a very simple use for the tape, especially since I’ve only got 2 pattern pieces for this pair of pantaloons!  However, the fabric is hand dyed, so I wanted to be sure the right side was used on all 4 pieces of fabric I cut out.  The time spent trying to figure out ‘is this the right side?’ or “hmmmm…..maybe the wrong side?’ is solved with a piece of tape on all the SAME sides, BEFORE you take the pieces off your cutting table.

If your fabric is extremely fine, or over-the-moon expensive, be sure to test the tape on a scrap first.  I’ve never had it leave a mark, but I’m not the trusting sort, so I test!  Also, don’t iron over the tape! Haven’t tested that, it just sounds like a bad idea! 🙂

You can also see my very sophisticated fabric/pattern weights here!  I do own a ‘real’ set of weights, the metal kind…..cut into shapes that go with a sewing room.  However, they are just not as easy to use for me as the canned veggies from the pantry!  My weights are totally flat, with teensy little raised handles on them………..these cans are easier to grab, and they weigh more too, so they hold fabric up if there is a bunch of it draped down over the edge of the cutting table.

So, if you notice dinner ingredients in pictures of my sewing room…….no, I’m not multi-tasking by making dinner at the same time I’m hemming the tablecloth!

I’d love to hear some of your time saving tips in your sewing room!



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