Creeping Up to a New High

347 and counting!

That’s my total sales in my Etsy shop, as of today.  As I’m getting closer to 350, it just seemed right to insert a huge “Thank You” right here!

Thanks to everyone who has visited, shopped and told others about my virtual shop.  Thanks to everyone who has kindly explained things to me…………sometimes over & over………..and yes, over again!  (need for explaining & number of birthdays are definitely connected!)    And, thanks to other Etsy sellers, for their great advice………always kindly & freely given!

I remember when I only had 12 items in my shop………..and thought that was lots!  Sold my first item within the first couple weeks and was on cloud nine for ages.  Selling something doesn’t get any less amazing with time. Each order is a great affirmation that my creations are worthy.  Each time, it just pushes me to make new things, give a tweek to some of the older designs or at the very least……..write pages of notes of things I want to do next!

Looking forward to December, when I will cross the 3 year mark……………and wondering what number I’ll be celebrating then.


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