Mystery in My Garden

I was given this plant, and at that time was told it was a Lady’s Slipper.  For years, I thought that was what it was.  I love it, and always know it is spring when it starts to bloom.

I took a picture to share, and thought I’d better look up some info on it, before posting here…….  And, it looks like this isn’t anything to do with slippers…….or ladies!  The images I found with a search for that, ended up with some beautiful plants, but I uncovered nothing that looks like my plant.

Anyone have any insights on this plant for me?

Mystery Plant


4 thoughts on “Mystery in My Garden

    • sequins and cherry blossom: Thanks so much! Off to look up the plant, with the correct name this time. Hoping I have it in a good spot, and haven’t been doing anything too terrible to it!

    • I love this too! Brought a start from my garden, when I moved in here to help my mom. Just tucked it in the ground…………and it has been surviving pretty much on its’ own. Love the early growth…..kind of in line with the lily of the valley here.

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