Connected Through Yarn

More Yarn at StitchknitI have always loved acquiring yarn in ways other than the typical.  Yesterday was no different!  I had inquired about some yarn for sale on Craigslist a long time ago, and had totally forgotten about it.  I got an email asking if I was still interested…………Well, what knitter isn’t interested in more yarn?  I’ve never met one!

Short story: The  yarn is now in my studio!  Favorite spool?  The white one on the top of the lavender.  It is a wool, silk blend that has a twist that looks shiny in certain light.  Love the feel of this one.  Then, there is that luscious lavender and some workhorse basic colors too.  Most are wool blends which will keep me in winter scarf/hat yarns for a couple seasons!

The rest of the story?  The woman selling the yarn asked if I was interested in fabric?  Well……..that led to a very cool connection. Her mother has been sewing professionally for decades & lives here in the same county. She & I have now been “introduced” on line, and I see great things down the road!  I have wanted to find someone to refer clients to, when my schedule was over-full (as it is now).  This woman has been wanting to transition from larger commercial orders to smaller/quicker jobs for individuals.  We’re both happy. The daughter who sold the yarn is happy.  Win, win, win.  Love it when things just come together!


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