Roses & Ruffles in New Summer Wrap

I have had this piece of fabric for a long time. I pulled it out of my ‘stash’ months ago and kept moving it around the studio.   I knew what I wanted to make, I just needed to wait for a bit of time and a clear cutting table to lay it out.

I have a thing for roses… well as ruffles and when they are combined, I am quite happy!  This scarf is a repeat of one I had in my shop last year, same design, different fabric.  Roses tho!  This was the week and here is the new scarf.

Roses & Ruffles by Stitchknit

Roses & Ruffles by Stitchknit

This design has a multiple personality, as this works really well as a scarf….obviously, but also works as a shawl due to the larger size.  A great addition to your travel wardrobe, acting as a wrap for cooler evenings.  If you’re headed to the beach, this works as a swimsuit cover up too, just tie around your hips and you’re all set!

The fabric is lightweight and silky, so it also will work as a dramatic tie on a summer hat.  Because of the ruffles running the length of the piece, this will work as a head wrap, sort of turban style too.

I have additional pictures posted here, along with the dimensions and complete description.



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