Some Things Just Take Forever

This is one of those projects that seemed to be on the needles for……..absolutely ever!

Newest Listing at Stitchknit

Newest Listing at Stitchknit

Once this got off the needles (knitting) then I like to put a crocheted edging on………and that, for me, is an exercise in knowing when to quit!  If one round looks good, then two would be even better……..and so on and so on!

Because of the natural eyelet pattern from the yarn overs, this just sits and waits for a ribbon to be woven through…and the usual situation arose….   No ribbon that matched.  I searched for ages and had to take a light blue, when I really wanted a dusty sort of blue, cornflower-ish.  No such thing out there, at least that I could find.  Did locate a couple that looked very nice, but ran into the Out of Stock message each time.

So, after months and months, the blanket is done.  (listed here)

And, I now have a whole bolt of the satin ribbon to play with and list!


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