Gearing Up

Gearing up for the Christmas in July sale on Etsy, that is.  I have just started listing some of the holiday items I’ve been collecting since the first of the  year.  I have a few thrift shops I keep my eye on, and have also been attending local estate sales….all with the idea of finding some fun new fabrics celebrating the holidays.  See what I’ve added to the shop here in my Etsy shop.  

Snow covered houses, decked out for the holidays

Snow covered houses, decked out for the holidays

The other item I’ve been on the look out for is sewing patterns….specifically vintage patterns.  But, the costume patterns caught my eye and I started adding them this week too!  Fun ideas to make for kids and adults, either for Halloween or to add to a great Dress-Up collection.  (one of the best types of play there is, in my opinion!)   I’ve just started adding the costumes here in the sewing supply section and will continue right up ’til the sale starts.

Christmas In July……..July 11-July 21st……….. I’ll be offering free shipping for any ready-to-ship item in my shop!

Orphan Annie coat & muff

Orphan Annie coat & muff


Adult patterns too!

Adult patterns too!

****  185 days until Christmas!  🙂



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