Mixing Things Up

This might be the busiest week here at our place in ages.  First off, and most notably……..my mother & her identical twin turn 91 on Friday.  (so confused here, I have thought it was Thursday…but birthdays are on the 12th)  My aunt, the other twin has been here since June & won’t be heading back to her home until the end of this month.  So, constant company it is!  Did you know 91 year old siblings can still get on each others nerves??

Then, as an added touch………..we had agreed to have our usual respite kiddo here for a week, starting tomorrow, as his foster home folks want to take a vacation without the kids.  So not used to this……I’ve never sent my foster kids to respite.  But, that is another tale entirely.  Just because life seems to be speeding up here, the phone rings this AM and the question was……..Could we take two?  One of the other boys’ respite placements fell through, so, yes……….we’re doubling up here, with two 15 year olds as of tomorrow.  Just need to manufacture a 2nd bed, bedding, etc by tomorrow…..

Christmas In July on Etsy is the piece I want to be working on, but it is the piece that has been relegated to Auto-Pilot mode I’m afraid.  I have the shop as full as it’s ever been, the sale has been set up to start at the crack of midnight tonight………and the word has been spread.  I do have a long list of items I’m going to be adding to the shop on a daily basis, starting tonight!  ( I get to “play” in my studio here, after my twins have turned in for the night)

So, we’ll see if I can hold things together this coming week.  Seniors, teens AND  my sewing customers here at my local shop, along with the annual sale on Etsy.    My TO DO list has a way of growing with each phone call here!

Maybe that’s the key……quit answering the phone?  🙂


8 thoughts on “Mixing Things Up

  1. Wow, you are keeping busy! Stock up on the food – those teenagers will eat you out of house and home! (I have two brothers, I know how it goes.)

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