Tips for Needle Threading

Some quick tips on threading needles

Some quick tips on threading needles


I’ve threaded a few needles since beginning to sew………….let’s just say decades ago.  I’m sure my parents threaded the first needles I used, as I don’t even remember when I learned how!

Since starting to sew, I know there are a couple things one can do to make the process less irritating.  In fact, it can be a breeze!

1)  To start with, for hand sewing, think of buying embroidery needles. They have a larger eye, and are still just fine for most hand sewing jobs.

2)  For either machine or hand sewing, give yourself a fresh cut end of the thread to work with……..AND, here’s the best trick……Cut the thread on an angle.  Seems silly, as you won’t really be able to see an angle or point, but trust me, it pretty much threads itself if you do this.

3)  Since I have been using a serger in the studio, I’ve been using the long pair of tweezers that comes with sergers, to assist with threading machines.  I think it is easier as my hand is not in the way of the eye of the needle.  For men especially, the tweezers seem to make threading a machine much easier.  No more complaining that their fingers/hands are too big.

4)  Some machines come with a small area behind the needles, painted a different color.  Usually white or a light beige.  I have found that to be helpful, and have gone a step further by using a tiny pieces of electrical tape to change the background. This tape comes in a variety of colors now. …..(old enough to remember it being just black).  Having a variety pack in ones sewing room is a handy thing for many tasks, but switching to a color that contrasts with your thread is a quick fix if you’re finding the needle threading sort of cranky making!

Time Saving Tip:

If you’re doing lots of hand sewing, think about threading several needles on a spool/cone of thread.  Thread them all………don’t cut the thread………then put them neatly in a pin cushion.  When ready to use one, pull thread out to your desired length, (pulling through all the eyes) and cut off.  This way, you aren’t stopping to thread 1 needle at a time, just reeling off the thread.  I find this quicker then threading needles and cutting all the pieces, as they seem to find ways to tangle up or be in the way.

Would love to know if you have additional tips & ideas about threading needles!  I’m teaching more beginning sewing classes all the time, and realize how tricky this piece is for some folks.  I’d love to be able to share more ideas with my sewing newbies!



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