Quick Tip from my Sewing Room

Hemming with Pliers?

Hemming with Pliers?

I have some odd items in my sewing room, including this pair of regular old pliers.  Not old, dirty pliers, but a new, clean pair, kept handy for hemming jobs.

You know that spot when you’re hemming a pair of jeans?  Where you have to sew up and over the folded over side seam?  Even putting my workhorse machine into low gear, the side seam would often win.

I had heard of people using a hammer & chunk of wood in the sewing room…..specifically to pound the seams of heavy fabrics like denim.  In my household, I’m often sewing when others are sleeping, so I needed another solution that was WAY quieter.  Enter………….my pliers.

I just fold the hem over, grab my pliers and compress that hem as flat as I can.  The new, flatter hem just glides through my machine and I love how the whole job is easier with just a few minutes of prep work!

What unusual tool do you use in your sewing room?

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