Halloween Means Ms Poppins at Stitchknit

I wasn’t sure if my Mary Poppins inspired scarf would make another appearance for Halloween this year…………..but she is alive & well.

Just starting out

Just starting out

The orders started coming in on Sept 30th…………and just today I’m feeling caught up enough to list the item again in the shop. 

Getting one of the scarves ready for the fringe

Getting one of the scarves ready for the fringe

Total so far?  4 completed and shipped.  1 off the needles, waiting for finishing touches & packaging. 1 on the needles………..should be finished tomorrow and ready to ship on Monday.

And, a finished scarf!

And, a finished scarf!

The original.

The original.

The hat is on my list to figure out for next year!  Has anyone tried making this little number yet?




5 thoughts on “Halloween Means Ms Poppins at Stitchknit

  1. cute! Do you know how to make mohair softer??????? I bought a beautiful shrug from an Etsy person in Bolivia, but the main ingredient is mohair…and it feels like straw! (doesn’t look like it)

    • Melinda
      Hmmm…..some mohair is pretty scratchy, I don’t usually use that kind for apparel, but add it into handbags, felted bowls, etc.
      Have you tried washing it in something like Woolite or Soak?
      You’ve made me wonder what makes the difference in mohair fibers……..some are yummy soft, and others like your shrug.

  2. Hello and thank you for the instructions for the scarf! You asked about the hat. I made it last year and want to add the scarf to the costume for Karneval (I’m German-it’s similar to Halloween in the way that you dress up).
    I bought a cheap black fake straw hat (ebay), cut of the top off, reduced the height of the hat and sewed the top back on. Around the brim of the hat I threaded a heavier wire through. That way I could shape the hat any way I wanted. For the flowers and berries I looked around at discount stores. The purple flowers I made myself from the petals of a fake flower I bought as well. Wire, petals and green flower tape. That’s it really. I added a black elastic so that the hat couldn’t fall off.
    If you like, I can send you pictures.
    Now I go back to exploring your site!
    LG, Natascha

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love your idea for the hat. My first & second attempt to crochet a straw like hat has not turned out well. Tore it out. The raffia stretches out & doesn’t hold the hat shape at all.

      I have found the flowers and fruit, so I’m ready to give this another try. Thinking I could get a great hat out of wool, but that isn’t the right look.

      I appreciate the info about your celebration like our Halloween. And, I’d love to see pictures! Share, share!! 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by!


      • I uploaded pictures of the hat to pinterest (this was my first try, I hope the link works) if you would like to see them.
        I made the hat for a friend to wear, so I don’t have any pictures of somebody wearing the hat that I can upload. But you can see the shaping of the rim, that gives the hat the distinctive ‘Mary Poppins Look’

        LG, Natascha

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