Pattern or Yarn First?

Which are  you?  Do you ponder the yarn and wonder what to do with it……………..

Or, do you have a pattern or idea in mind and then start the search for appropriate yarn?


I’m in the first category.  I have the yarn and the ideas just start simmering away.  The more I look at the yarn, and start touching it…………the clearer the design becomes.

An acrylic yarn, in a soft shade of tan.

An acrylic yarn, in a soft shade of tan.

Just listed here, this one isn’t talking to me yet.  It would make a good choice for certain flesh tones if one was making dolls or toys.  Maybe the Baby Albert jacket from The Knit Stitch book?  What would you make with this?

This one is on my desk today, just listed here…..

Color, texture, shimmer...this novelty yarn has all three.

Color, texture, shimmer…this novelty yarn has all three.

Haven’t played with this one yet.  Very slinky, very lightweight.  I’m calling it a rust color, but that doesn’t seem to describe it well.  Listed as color #4205 on the label, so that doesn’t help at all.  What color does this bring to mind?Salmon?  Pumpkin?  Sometimes it looks a bit like copper to me…..

Any project ideas for this bit of vintage yarn?  Wondering about fiber jewelry…………..



18 thoughts on “Pattern or Yarn First?

    • Glad to know I have company in the Yarn First group! And, don’t get me started on not having the right needles! No matter how many I have………….it’s never enough! 🙂

    • Great! I’m not the only one 😀 haha And the funny thing is… I never even think of what needles I already have. I just buy the yarn, go home, look at my needles and think… “oh darn” I have to go back to the store and get the right size 😀 haha

      • I’ve inherited my mum’s needles and I’ve invested in a set of knitpro circulars. Then of course you need DPNs. And straight set. And then KnitPro has bought out triangular single points which are gorgeous. And there are those carbon fibre ones which look like you’re knitting with surgical instruments. And what about the rosewood ones with amber ends? The choice!!
        Of course looking at the price tag usually puts me off but it’s nice to dream. In the meanwhile I will get more plain DPNs. 🙂

      • The needle bit gets me every time. Was finishing a hat for a client this week, needed circs size 13……had them………..felt smart! But, get to the top of the hat, the decreases called for DPN’s in a size 13. Gads. Knew I never had owned any of those…….so, I finished off with some size 8’s and it worked fine! Was not going to make a special run out for size 13 DP’s.

  1. Usually I buy the yarn first haha I love going into yarn stores and look. And then the yarn sits at home for some time until I finally get inspired to make it into something 😀 Very rarely I think of what I want to make first and then go search for the yarn.

  2. I’m a pattern first person. Sometimes I do buy yarn because it’s pretty, but most of the time, I have a pattern. That way I know exactly how much yarn I need, because it has happened, that I’ve run out of yarn midway through and they’ve stopped making that specific yarn or color.

  3. I fall in love with yarn first, and after it has sat on my shelf for a while, I start to itch to knit with it. Then I pick a pattern to use it with. I’ve tried the other way around, but I’m too impatient a knitter! 😀

  4. is the multi colored “rust” one the “flat” one I saw at your house the other day and you said it wouldn’t be good for a scarf? Because I think it is kind of pretty.

    • Melinda…..No, this one was in the studio when you were here. The one you saw, was some sort of paper type fiber. Not sure about it, perhaps macrame type craft supply?? The rust colored one, is very interesting, it is more of a thread than the yarn you are usually drawn to. It would seem like you were knitting air, compared to the bulky weights you love. When we get together for you to knit your hat, or start your shrug, I’ll try to remember to have some of this new yarn out for you to check out.

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