Quick Tip from my Studio

Busy at Stitchknit these days……….posts are few and far between.  Here’s a quick tip!

One of my jobs this week reminded me of a tip I use that I don’t see often.  I’m hemming lots of jeans these days, and finding the top stitching hard to match….both in color and in the weight.

Something I do to ‘make-do’ when I don’t have thread that is a perfect match is to use more than one spool/cone at a time.  Yes, you can do this!  You may need to use a needle for your machine that is specifically for top stitching, as they usually have a bigger eye.  Just thread both strands together, winding through your thread guides as usual…..thread the needle with both……..and stitch as usual.

This gives a closer weight to the purchased garment, without moving up to a heavy weight thread, that may be too bulky looking.



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