Note: Halloween is in October

I’ve already had my first order for Halloween!  Seems early, but I’m thrilled it will be one less ordered in October!

Getting ready to add fringe to Ms Poppins inspired scarf

Getting ready to add fringe to Ms Poppins inspired scarf

Try as I might, I can’t get ahead on this wispy little scarf.  I’ve had a completed one in actual inventory here a total of ONE week!  Yes, within 7 days, ‘she’ was off to her new home…………practically perfect in every way!

I will get started on another soon.  Tuesday in fact.  I’m taking my mom to the dentist, so will make good use of my waiting room time and see if I can put one of these on the shelf here!


My version of Mary Poppins scarf

My version of Mary Poppins scarf $46.00


One thought on “Note: Halloween is in October

  1. That’s almost worse than xmas in July… I did not mean to slam you w/an order… and to be honest, I was not in my right mind when placing the order… Some one/thing broke into my apartment and took (and left) the weirdest things…. Took my hairdryer that I have had for years, hauled all over the world was here one day and gone the next. Also missing: A priceless piece of art that can never be replaced (but I wouldn’t mind the insurance money), left the money that was laying out in the open, took my signed 8×10 photograph of Tori (that she signed to me, in my presence) another photo of Tori that was signed and I got it from eBay… so that probably might be able to be replaced… LEFT MY COMPUTER!! Cats are safe (thank the LAWD) and left smashed up uneaten M&Ms in random places. I have no idea what to expect next, but it’s strange to say the least. Obviously, I had the locks changed, STAT…. but what is gone is gone. I don’t even know if I should contact the police. Have been trying to contact the manager of this apartment complex, have left 3 messages… guess I have to go there tomorrow for a shake-down… UGH! Am not enjoying the Universe’s Game called: How Much More Can We Vomit On Melinda Before She Breaks. Answer: I’m unbreakable… (at least I am doing my best…) ~~M I’m glad you are busy…. but wish I could see more of you…

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