Love Your Serger Month!

Can’t imagine my sewing room without a serger. (actually have more than 1, just in case…  )

I’ve been making a note if I use mine daily, now that I know it has its’ own month on the calendar, and yes…  I do something with mine at least daily!  There are days it is the only machine I use.

I’m not adept at all the things mine will do, mostly because I have never taken the time to investigate the possibilities.  When I purchased my latest one, I wanted so badly to take the Get to know your serger class the store offered, but I was caring for my mom & her twin and knew I would never get to class.  Now, years down the road, the machine is still working great;  The operator however, is just sewing with the basics still.

How about you, do you use your serger for more than finishing seams?  How about mastering the narrow overcast hem business?  ( I have figured that one out….on most fabrics anyway)

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