happy earth day!


I grew up when this was just how one lived….not a ‘thing’ with a special day for it!  Pretty sure all three have creativity at their core too!

I try to be mindful of all three R’s in my studio, by making conscious decisions to save bits & pieces of fabric and yarn.  If I can’t come up with projects for them, I find organizations that will be able to use what I can’t.  Feels great to keep items out of the land fill if at all possible.

Making something from vintage patterns or material is usually more fun for me than starting with all new materials.  Costs less too!  Re purposing parts of a garment and turning it into something wonderful is a special treat!

Little Girls 'twirl' skirt, using vintage lace....

Little Girls ‘twirl’ skirt, using vintage lace….

I continue to search for vintage patterns, adding a couple new ones on a daily basis.   I love this one, added here today

Very easy, Very Vogue….a beautifully simple design. Hasn’t been cut or unfolded!



Re Purpose

See how much more creative you’ll feel!



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