I Don’t Get Out Much

Vintage patterns at Stitchknit on Etsy

I found this classic robe pattern this past week on one of my thrift store/ antique mall jaunts and saw the Retro ’48 bit on the envelope.  Hmmm  When did this start?  Checked the date on the pattern & it was re-issued in 2007.  How in the world did I not know about this?  I sew every single day here at Stitchknit, and apparently…..unaware of anything else!

Shopping isn’t my first love.   Pretty sure it is down the list quite a ways……..into the double digits…..maybe just above cooking!  Really don’t like cooking!  Anyway…………I’m excited to know some of the beautiful designs I just love, may be out there and in great shape!  Something more to look for when scouring the thrift shops!  And, no…..that isn’t really ‘shopping’.   It’s more of a hunt. A contest.  And, I can call it work!  After all, I need things to put in my Etsy shop, right???

This gorgeous pattern is listed here:   https://www.etsy.com/listing/189347906/womens-robe-pattern-retro-butterick-plus?

Ready to ship…………$8.00



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