Work in Progress

Little girls scarf.....great for dress up too....and a fun prop for a photo shoot!

Little girls scarf…..great for dress up too….and a fun prop for a photo shoot!

No new pics for other works in progress.  I’m one of those knitters/crocheters who has multiple projects in the works at the same time.

*  Have a pair of multi colored socks on the needles that just stay in the van, for those times when I’m waiting for someone.

*   Still crocheting away on the modern striped baby blanket in 2 shades of gray and a pop of bright red. Loving this one, but it is getting too big to haul around.  Now an at home sort of project

*  Mary Poppins pork pie style straw hat……..took out a row or two, as I’m making this up from the pictures from the movie.  Raffia was stretching out too much. Definitely an in the studio type project, as I’m writing the pattern as I go.

*  Knit baby hat in soft blue, a great take anywhere project. Aiming to make up several of these in different colors.

*  Black & white cotton knit scarf.  Done but the fringe.  So, technically not done at all.  Seem to have projects in this basket all the time.  Done:  But needing something!

Actually, that doesn’t seem like much at all.  Should go match up a few more patterns with some yarn!  🙂





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