The Speed of Time

I know I’ve written about how time seems to be going so much faster, the older I get.  Still true.  Even speeding up if that is possible.  June was a surprise to me, school getting out seemed like it happened a day or two after Christmas.  This July, middle of summer business, is making me crazy (crazier??)

I had big plans to list all my Christmas/holiday fabrics during July.  (the whole Christmas in July bit….)  I’ve loved hunting for the vintage fabrics, and had been stashing them away……….apparently figuring there was another month in between June & July.  Nope.  There wasn’t.  So, a couple quick sessions with the camera were in order….   Nope again.  Discovered the camera had an issue & needed to be replaced.  New camera and a very quick photo session later……and there now are a couple new fabrics up in the shop.  Adding 1 or 2 daily….at least that is the plan!  Here’s a few of my “finds”

holiday collage


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