One More Work in Progress

How many projects do you have in the works at one time?  I don’t know if it is a good idea to count all of mine! 🙂  Here’s a crocheted scarf/shawl I’m making to replace one that sold months ago.  Yes, I am running very behind here at Stitchknit.

Crocheted scarf from StitchknitGreat project for me this summer. Once I had the initial chain and the first row of floating chains done, I don’t have to count or think for this piece.  Perfect for me!  I love how loose this is and how intricate it looks.  About 10 more inches and this will be ready to put the border on.

Also in the works here at Stitchknit………… requisite pair of socks that ‘live’ in the van  Always ready for a bit of knitting when I am waiting for anyone/anything.  Still on sock #1, but at the arch of my foot……heading towards the toe.

Crocheted baby blanket in 2 shades of gray & a deep brick red.  Love having something a bit larger than socks to work on here at home.  Again, it is a no think, no count sort of pattern.  Perfect for right now.

Filling up my inventory of teensy tiny little hearts:

Crocheted hearts by StitchknitJust sold a couple sets of the pale pink ones and discovered I really didn’t have anything that was ready to ship.  Added pale pink, bright pink, navy, natural, yellow, white and have some peach and green thread in my project bag ready to work on.

All crochet projects!  Might have to even that out and come up with some knitting.  I’m old enough to have hands that complain if I don’t switch out the project types occasionally.


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