Some Jobs Need to Age

Sort of like wine or cheese…………I can see some of my jobs here in my local shop, need to age.  Sit and just “be”.  All this aging and sitting is so I can figure out what I’m going to do with them!  This one, is currently the lead project in line for inspiration.

Stitchknit Local ShopThe 3 vintage pillows were brought in for a face lift of sorts.  New pillow forms, smaller size, cleaned up and backed with a neutral.  The 2 pillows on the right of the picture were good to go.  Take them apart, sew up with new backing and stick in the new pillow forms.  Stitched up and they are ready to be picked up!

The harvest gold number?  That is where the sitting around, waiting for an idea, comes in.  The client doesn’t want the harvest gold any longer.  The needle point of the ducks, done by the clients mother………they are the only part we’re saving.

So, my question is…….trim the ducks out of the design and applique them onto the new fabric?  Can’t see this working as yet, because the needlepoint canvas is vintage, almost crispy and I don’t think it would bend around all the necessary curves to be blind stitched on.

Other option……  Not really sure, but tossing around the reverse idea………..of stitching the new fabric to the ducks.  It will roll under, allowing me to blind stitch it onto the canvas & the outside stitching of the duck design.

I have this out  in my studio, so I can see it daily and ponder the possibilities. So far, no attack of brilliance.


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