Jumbo Junket and Hans Moller

vintage fabric at Stitchknit

I fell in love with this when I saw it.  Bright, great fabric and yes, a touch odd.  The date was on the selvage, along with created by Hans Moller and the title of the creation, Jumbo Junket.   I’ve begun to research this gentleman, his art and his connection to the Association of American Artists.  

Things like this fabric surprise me.  I have always been drawn to vintage linens of any kind.  Any era.  If it’s fabric, I’m wanting to get all touchy-feely with it.  

This one even had the road map of sorts, printed right on it.  Research ensued.  Right away.  My favorite thing I learned about him was a line in an interview about how he couldn’t wait to get up in the mornings….    to decide what color to work with that day in his paintings!  

Jumbo Junket fabric

This bit of vintage fiber goodness is now in my shop, waiting for a good home!  You can see it here!


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