Mysterious Disappearances

That’s what we call things that just seem to ‘walk away’ from where anyone had seen them last.  

Mysterious Disappearances 

The latest mia is a scarf I knit during the last Olympics.  (can’t even remember if it was Summer or Winter)  I do know the scarf exists and was totally finished, and even snapped a couple pictures…..

Bobble Scarf by Stitchknit

This piece was supposed to be listed in my Etsy shop before the holidays….but, I have still not found where I put it for safe keeping.  Such fun to knit, huge bobbles and a gorgeous sangria red.  

Anyone else have things that seem to have vanished into thin air??



2 thoughts on “Mysterious Disappearances

    • Been cleaning off & on all day today… Bobble scarf still hasn’t surfaced. When I sit here & work, I’m looking for possible hiding places…. Did it travel to GA & hide out with any of your ‘floppies’? 🙂

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