New Space at Stitchknit

Stitchknits Studio

New beginnings here at Stitchknit….in that I’ve started to set up a working sewing room where I see my local clients.  The true workroom is rarely picture worthy, but my new little corner of the world is shaping up to be a space I’m loving.

Still a work in progress, but a workable space already.  The area serves as my reception area for local clients as well as the space I use to teach sewing, knitting and crochet classes.

A benefit I was surprised about is the time I’ve gained by setting up the area so I can sew while waiting for clients to arrive for their appointments.

Stitchknit Classroom

I still have a long list of what I’m going to add to the space, so be prepared for more pictures! Next on the list is an ironing board/iron.  Hauling equipment up for classes has become one of my least favorite parts of teaching!


2 thoughts on “New Space at Stitchknit

    • Thanks for stopping in!
      I am working full time these days at my local shop; everything from weddings to making prototypes for start up companies. Love the variety & the commute is great! 🙂

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