New year, New house, New studio


I’m on day 6 at my new home/studio/classroom.  Still wading through boxes, bringing home take out for dinner and trying to find some missing items from the move.

Considering I only moved 8 miles from the other house, you’d think the chances for misplacing things would be slim.  Nope.  So far, I’ve had to purchase copy paper for the printer, twill tape for a couple recent sales in the etsy shop……..and we’re still looking for the loaves of bread we thought sure were tossed into the van at the last minute for sandwiches.

I apologize for just now getting to some messages here, life has been totally out of my control since August.  I had been caring for my mom in her house for the last 10 years.  She passed away in August, after a fall and a brief stay at a rehab center.

I’ve been busy, selling moms real estate and trying to manage closing her estate.  Whew!  What a round of meetings that translates to.  Bottom line, her house that we were both living in, sold and it closes this coming week.  I quickly started house hunting and found one just 8 miles away.  Put an offer in, it was accepted the next morning and closed 10 days later.

Whoosh…………   Everything is new & different.   I’m slowly getting used to life without the joys & responsibilities of living with my mom.

2016 is going to be a year of change for me!  I’m hoping to continue growing my Etsy shop as well as work in my local shop full time.

Thanks to those who reached out, knowing what this past fall/winter has been for me.



3 thoughts on “New year, New house, New studio

  1. hi i m happy to hear from you an i wish you all the best . Actually i sen dyou message about learning how to swing machine . please are you still available in edmonds to teach swing . i think i saw it on craiglist as 2 hours for 30$ , is that correct . . please i want to learn . iid it long time ago but i forget how . thank you for your understanding.

    • I am teaching sewing (and knitting & crocheting) But, no longer in Edmonds. I moved my home & sewing studio about 8 miles north, to south Everett. Prices are still the same
      Sue…………425 4789440

  2. I’m no longer at the Edmonds location, but 8 miles north, in south Everett. I will be taking a short break from teaching, as my new studio is in the middle of being remodeled. Have to wait for the lighting and the heat, then I can start up.


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