Settling in

Survived the move & have been enjoying a new pace here at the new home/studio.  Loving the idea of being able to “work” all day, with almost zero interruptions. Unheard of with my previous schedule.

Slow starts to the day are my new normal.  Coffee & breakfast………in the morning and time to drink the coffee while it is hot!  It’s the tiny things that have the biggest impact these days.

My moms dog has settled in too.  He was such a horrid mess all fall…………and truly hasn’t been himself til the last month or two.  He was so sad after mom died, he started off by laying in the driveway, waiting for her.  Then he began to chew on his front legs…….and finished off the months of frenzied behavior by pulling out mouthfuls of hair from his formerly gorgeous tail.   Besides the fairly odd looking tail………he is looking & feeling pretty good these days.

The remodel on the studio space hasn’t even started.  But, I’m working anyway.  Now that the weather is warming up, it isn’t bad at all.  (winter was a bit chilly)  There is a storage shed started in the back yard, so all the non sewing things that are in the garage (otherwise known as the sewing studio) will be moving to the shed soon.   I do believe I’m one of the few who have a chain saw in the sewing room!  🙂

Signs of life finding a new normal?              Our dining room has been converted to the baby chick nursery!  I couldn’t have chickens at my moms place…….but the new house is in an area where I can keep a small flock.  The babies are so fun to watch!

I can almost remember the new address & phone!

And, I’ve made my first BIG yarn purchase since moving!

Life continues……………..

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