Catching Up With the Times

Finally, I have made the move to plastic.  Yes……….I decided which method,  what company and yes, even figured out how to do this all on my phone.

Easy, you say?   Not quite as simple as I had thought, when I first waded into the new-to-me technology.  My difficulty was the phone.  I had no reception at the old house & studio…….zip, none, ever!  I had to drive at least a mile, then the cell phone would work.

So, I waited and offered excuses as to why I didn’t have a charge/debit option for my Stitchknit clients.

Knowing I was going to move in January, I had a wish list for the new house/studio.  Cell phone reception was at the top of the list!

The move happened, the phone works and now….thanks to some very patient clients, I have learned how to process the orders through my brand new Square reader!  …………..feeling very accomplished!




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