In Time for Halloween

I think I’ve finally got a hat made to go with my Ms. Poppins scarf!  The scarf has become my most popular item in my Etsy shop & I’m often asked if I have the hat to go with it.

Mary Poppins Scarf by Stitchknit

A My version of Mary Poppins scarf

After a couple tries with black raffia, I switched to black yarn instead.  The raffia just kept slipping and wouldn’t hold a “hat” shape no matter what.  So, then there were the cherries and daisies to source….not as easy as I was expecting!

Here’s a hat in progress, the daisies had gone missing here at the new studio.  I have seen them, but they were nowhere to be found for a picture!


Next will be actually attaching the cherries and the daisies.  Then I have to figure out how to ship this!  Thinking a flat rate box, so the hat won’t get crushed & the flowers stay put during shipping.  (I’m used to shipping knit hats folded up in a mailing envelope!)

My goal was to get this in the shop by September & I’m not going to be too far off.  In September…………of this year!  🙂

Back to work…..daisies to attach.


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