Every Month is a Sewing Month


I celebrate National Sewing Month every month!  I love to sew, and I’m blessed to have a job that lets me sew all the time.  “Job” is the wrong word I think.  It feels like a have to sort of situation and my sewing is a get to gift.

With my new Stitchknit studio space getting occasional additions and work done, I’m even more content to spend hours and hours in there.  I now have a ductless heat pump in the newly remodeled space…..which is going to allow me to teach all winter.  Couldn’t teach the first few months, as there was no heat & asking students to bundle up to come to a sewing class seemed too odd…….even for me!

I love the flexibility of my schedule as well as the variety of my days.  Sewing on gorgeous clothing, altering things for people with some challenging situations and dreaming up solutions for clients wanting to get an item manufactured, are just some of the things that come my way.

Between teaching, having a local shop in addition to my Etsy shop……….I am in heaven!



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