I Lost Track

Most certainly.  I have been trying to create  version of Mary Poppins black hat for……..oh, at least 5 years.  Lots of starts & stops.  Attempts and flops.  You name it….there were things that didn’t even resemble the infamous black hat with cherries & daisies. My bin of materials is a testament as to how many tries this project took, to get it out of my mind and translated into yarn.

This whole Poppins business started with a client asking if I could knit a scarf for her, to add to her Mary Poppins costume.  That was a cinch, just as soon as I checked the movie and Google!  (had never seen the movie)   Hardest part of that project was finding colors for the scarf that were close to the original.

Then, a client asked if I could make “the Hat”?   I mulled that one around for ages, again, looking up the original hat, and blowing up the screen so I could see details of the material. (and I watched the movie for the 2nd time)  I began searching for a base hat to just decorate……as well as starting a search for cherries!  Not as easy as the scarf, I thought.

I did find some black rafia, and thought I could get a hat that looked like a straw boater style hat.  Crocheted  a sample & was sorely disappointed.  That stuff wouldn’t stay where it was put.  The hat always looked like it was melting……….spreading out into a bumpy looking puddle.  Very un-hat-like!

After many more attempts, I have come to one I think is “practically perfect in every way” to quote Ms Poppins.



Crocheted black hat that can be scrunched up and pulled out of a carpet bag

A ribbon hat band


AND cherries.

Listed in my shop here:  Ms Poppins Black Hat


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