Monday Mornings Are The Best!

I know, most everyone hates Mondays………….and the mornings even more so!  Not me.  Not during the school year anyway!


After what seemed like an unending Saturday & Sunday, my kiddo will be getting on the bus in the morning, and I will have 6 hours to re-charge.  I must really be getting old.  Or, I’m correct in saying the kids are getting tougher.  My new guy has more initials in his diagnosis…………..and more meds than a pharmacy.

The schedule is going to get more complicated this week, as his weekly therapy sessions will finally kick in.  Small catch with these……………so far, he needs to miss school for any appointment at all, since the after school ones have been booked for ages.  So, there goes my Tuesday.  I’ll just wave as the bus driver goes right on by!  Second “catch” ;  I need to be in the first appt…………..which is 90 minutes!  Seems odd, and will be a new one for me, as I’ve never been asked to sit in.  Especially with a teen!  I haven’t known him long enough to provide any information anyway.  Aiming to get the appointments moved to after school and to just wait for him without sitting in.  I would love the knitting time in the waiting room and hopefully, my kiddo would feel better having someone to talk with on his own.



Create Something Daily Challenge:  This has become more of a challenge than it needs to be!  Just getting time to do the routine things here is a stretch on the week ends.

I do get some knitting & crochet time in when my guy is willing to sit & watch TV, or while he is doing a task that just requires me supervising from a distance.

So, on that note………..a tiny drum roll would be appropriate here………   I have finished all of the granny square motifs for the 5 Christmas Stockings.  Started on the solid squares for the heels & toes.  Only need 3 of these per sock, so this is truly a piece of cake!  Did get 2 1/2 done today, so I’m on the way!

Also had a client here for a fitting and managed OK, with the supervision situation.  I try very hard not to schedule appointments on the week ends, but sometimes it just has to happen, to keep the client happy.

I have been getting up before 5AM, and getting some sewing time in prior to the household getting up.   Love this time of day anyway, and really love it when I can get a couple of the orders completed and off the TO DO list in the sewing studio.  I’m up to date for Monday & Tuesday appointments………….and have just one item to hem prior to Wednesday.  Feel pretty OK schedule-wise.

An Etsy client sent yarn for me to make 2 of the side ruffled Cloche hats in the Boutique Knits book. 

I’ve got this book and totally love this hat!  Such a fun knit….and it goes together so quick.  I like it because it is such a different look, not a typical hat at all.  The ruffles on the band are my absolute favorite!

Off to grab a bit of knitting time before quitting for the night!


Sold………..and a New Focus in the Shop

The latest sale……..on it’s new owner here……….

Some items aren’t making it in the shop, or if they do……….they sell right away.  Nice.  no complaints here!  This scarf is so soft and yummy to touch, when I had it out to show a table full of company this week, this woman said it was going to be her scarf!  Asked me to put it on her right then!  It looked great on her, and I apologize for the quality of the photo.  I was also the hostess to a houseful of company………..and the cook……… photographer was not at the top of the list.  Her top is truly lavender and she looked more coordinated than my picture shows.  She wore it home!

The rest of the shop has had a bit of an overhaul.  Stitchknit has changed focus a bit, in that all the children/baby type items are out of the shop and on hold.  I love the way the shop looks this way….   (I had the supplies out of the shop too, but realized I’ve got them advertised all over the place, with an invite to view them in the shop)  Now, the shop is womens accessories, and a bit of the supplies I have in excess here.

I’ll try this for a bit and see how it feels.  I’m already missing the sewing part………as well as the dreaming up new things to make.  I’m not much for making the same thing multiple times.  But, I love how there is a theme to the shop now………


Not much creating going on this week, due to the out of town company.  Created many extra meals however!  Does that count?  🙂

Worked on clients orders after people all went to bed, as sewing is my relaxing activity.  Some great music, a glass of wine and I’m set for the evening.

Crocheted some more on the Christmas stocking project, and now have only 11 squares to go.  I usually get 4-5 done each evening, so I can see a glimmer of the end on this job.

Did get some knitting time in today, as it was doctor day for my foster kiddo.  We were early, so I managed to come up with about 8 more inches on a boucle scarf I’m making.  Planning on joining it in a loop, as I can see where people feel more confident in wearing these loops. ……sort of a do it yourself deal.  The scarf just settles in around their neck and there are no ends to tie, or twist, or anything.

The trip home after the doctor was more than frustrating.  My kiddo was getting more anxious as we went………..should have been a 30 minute trip, and it was closer to a hour.  Big time traffic, and a stop at the pharmacy for even MORE drugs for him.  I wanted to just zap us home!  Once here, it was earlier than our normal meal time (anyone with an autistic kiddo knows how important routine is) but I opted for dinner right away.  He had gone out to eat with a teacher today and had brought home half of his sub sandwich.  It was driving him nuts. He wanted it for dinner…….so, dinner time it was!  I finished up the rest of dinner and let him eat.  So far, he seems WAY better.  Maybe the whole deal was the sandwich!  I’ll have to share with the teacher, how it fouled up our afternoon.  We’ve been doing pretty well in the van…………not great, but I haven’t wanted to jump out of a moving vehicle for a few months now!

Time to supervise the bedtime routines and get out the evening meds.  Then…………back to my sewing studio for some ‘me’ time.

Counting the Days ’til School Starts

About this time of year, I have used up most of my functioning brain cells.  I begin to plan elaborate celebrations for my kiddos bus driver, I make lists of the things that need doing as soon as school starts and I start day-dreaming about finishing a cup of coffee (hot, mind you) all in one setting.  If nothing interrupts my day dream, I might even think about having my coffee whilst sitting down …………getting a little giddy writing this!!!  Oh, and if I was able to knit something that required my attention………while enjoying HOT coffee AND sitting down………..well, it just has to be the first day of school!

I only have one foster kiddo this year, but it feels like I have a dozen.  This guy needs to be almost attached to me, all of his waking hours.  I’m running on empty here & it shows.

Other parts of my life are taking a hit.  I  have no energy for anything, nor can I do any project around here that takes my eyes off this guy .  I noticed today our front lawn looking more like we have moved & forgot to schedule someone to handle the job.  Just not watering the lawn hasn’t quite discouraged the great drought tolerant crop of weeds we seem to have.

I have to get through 3 more days!  I can do anything for 3 days, right?  We’ve been having mini rehearsals towards this school thing being a success.  My guy has more than a touch of autism, so nothing is certain………but we have rehearsed the ride to school, where the bus drops off & picks up………..which clothes are going to ‘work’ for school, how to turn off the alarm clock AND get up when it rings……..    On and on.   How to take a shower that doesn’t eat up the entire time he should be getting ready……….you name it, we’ve practiced it.  Crossing my fingers we have covered all the possible melt down situations. HA, that made me laugh just typing it!

I did manage to get a few things done this week………….odd that it was the busiest week here….   But, I can sit & knit when talking and reviewing for the hundredth time, how Wednesday is going to play out.  I finished the pair of socks for Client D & had them all packaged to mail………..but then, realized the post office won’t be open until Tuesday!  I love these socks, and hope they make for a pair of Happy Feet!

Socks by StitchKnitThese look greener in the picture then the real thing.  The pink shows up equally to the green..   The fiber is corn, which was a new one for me.  I never did get used to the feel of the yarn, and I do think it made noise………..sort of like a squeak, when I was knitting it!

Since my sewing room (and the rest of the house) has been so torn up lately, due to the new windows, the clearing out of the attic and the crawl spaces for the insulation……..I took the opportunity to clear out some fabric too.

I listed some of the pieces on freecycle, and they have already found a new home!  I measured, took pictures and listed all the Halloween fabrics I have on Etsy.  No way was I going to have time to whip up something between now & October!  Hoping these all find homes too.  Here’s a sample: 


I’m going to get to work now, in the sewing room…………..It is ‘in your room time’ here…………and all is truly quiet.  I love Room Time!  🙂