Practice Makes Perfect

I’m saying the word “no” over & over to myself, hoping it reminds  me not to take on more custom work than I have hours.  I’m pretty sure I need to switch to chanting the word “NO” outloud …………or, wearing it as a sign around my neck!  It’s getting serious.  I didn’t feel the pressure until this week end, when all of the sudden, I realized I was going to have to cut anything without a deadline!



It doesn’t seem very accommodating, but I’ve stopped taking any custom orders, either on line or in my local shop, that have deadlines before Christmas.  My new favorite words are when a client says “No Rush!”  That’s a no I can live with!  I’ve packed the Stitchknit shop on Etsy, with hundreds of items that are completed and ready to ship, so there is still plenty  to choose from.  Please stop by!

Time to get busy knitting…………and I’ll see if I can practice the NO word while working on projects!  🙂




I Love Special Orders

Here’s the baby blanket I’m finishing for Client M…………  She had contacted me through Stitchknit on Etsy, to see if I would be interested in finishing her baby blanket.

I really love working on other people’s’ knitting (or crocheting).  Something about finding the right tension, matching the work, I don’t know.  But, I love this type of work.

M. had just started knitting, working with a neighbor.  Unfortunately, her neighbor was no longer able to assist……..and the blanket languished.  I received the blanket when it had the border and 2 sets of the basket weave pattern.

All I have left, is to tie in the ends, and block this little blanket.  Hoping to wrap it up, and get it in the mail on Wednesday.  We’ll see how the week goes…………..   Just as soon as I make definite plans, something goes awry.


If you know of anyone wanting a knit or crochet project completed, please pass my info along.  I’d love to continue helping out in this way.


Here in the studio, I made up a sample of a shrug a client wants for a wedding this month.  Forgot to take a picture!  She wanted the shrug longer, but the way the design is………….longer isn’t a simple fix.  Since time is important on this job, I think I’ll try to get her in to try this mock-up on.  I think we need to start with a different design, as the word shrug implies it is going to be a little bit of a jacket/sweater/shawl sort of event.  Long sleeves and something long enough to cover ones tummy and down to the bottom in the back…………that says jacket to me.    If I have time, I’ll make up something longer, to give us something to compare to.    I can already feel myself running out of time on this one!



Feels Like Spring

Spending days in the garden does make it feel like spring!  The rhubarb is almost ready to harvest for the first bowl of sauce, the strawberry beds are half way cleaned out and my back hurts.  Spring it is!

I felt like a little spring knitting was in order too.  Love the colors of this cotton yarn.  Have 2 of the scarves listed and 2 still in line for pictures. (that picture taking part takes longer than the knitting)

Pastel Knit Scarf


I made all 4 scarves using the Universal Scarf Pattern, which I love for it’s ability to stay flat, not roll at the edges.  This picture is on my mannequin with a knit ‘skin’ on her.  I was hoping for more of a neutral look, instead, this version looks VERY pink.  Not sure which one I’m leaning towards.    Opinions?




Universal Cotton Scarf        The other 2 colors are pink and blue, both very pastel.  Love this little wisps of scarf.  Lightweight, yummy colors and all cotton.  A great combination.

These two are listed with my other scarf creations here.


I had the crochet hooks out too, making a few of these little flowers and attaching them to hair clips.

            Other colors coming…….Again, waiting for the picture taking event here.







Currently working on finishing an item for a client………….here’s the progress pic.

Custom OrderThis is past the halfway point, as of tonight I have just 3 skeins of the blue to knit.  Taking this project to tomorrows knit group, so with 2 full hours of knitting, there is a chance this is going to be finished up this week.  Can’t wait to block and finish & then  ship this off to the client.  Love, love, love doing work like this.  Finishing things that, for some reason, the original knitter is not able to complete. So much better than yet another project languishing in a bag in someones’ closet.

I’ll be sure to post a pic of the finished product before it gets packaged up…..




A Crocheting Milestone!

There is progress, after all the hours & hours of single crochet stitches…………..   This is the custom order baby blanket, with the main part of the blanket FINISHED!  There are what seems like hundreds of ends to weave in & finish off……….plus, some cross stitch additions to the design……………oh, and the name of the baby added to the side of the truck.  So, it isn’t technically finished, but I’m still flyin’ fairly high, just knowing the single crochets are now done!

Custom Order Baby Blanket

I couldn’t even figure out how to take a picture of this project!  It fills up my cutting table!  🙂

I might even have some time to work on other projects pretty soon!  I have been crocheting for months it seems; the custom order Christmas stockings and then this baby blanket.  Other projects have taken a back seat.  Can’t wait to get to some knitting or sewing…………..and I don’t want to take on anything with single crochet stitches for………….oh, years & years!  🙂