Note: Halloween is in October

I’ve already had my first order for Halloween!  Seems early, but I’m thrilled it will be one less ordered in October!

Getting ready to add fringe to Ms Poppins inspired scarf

Getting ready to add fringe to Ms Poppins inspired scarf

Try as I might, I can’t get ahead on this wispy little scarf.  I’ve had a completed one in actual inventory here a total of ONE week!  Yes, within 7 days, ‘she’ was off to her new home…………practically perfect in every way!

I will get started on another soon.  Tuesday in fact.  I’m taking my mom to the dentist, so will make good use of my waiting room time and see if I can put one of these on the shelf here!


My version of Mary Poppins scarf

My version of Mary Poppins scarf $46.00


Halloween Prep Underway


Every year I get calls to make, or assist with Halloween costumes.  This  year, one of the requests involved knitting!  Here are some pictures, can you guess what the entire costume is?  Which character?

Here is the beginning of this item, and yes……it is a scarf.


And, here is the finished product…………….ready to be shipped off tomorrow morning!

And, the finished scarf!

If you guessed Mary Poppins, you’re correct!  I couldn’t have told  you Ms Poppins wore a scarf, but now I know!  Perhaps she knit hers herself?  She did seem like that kind of crafty lady!


The next costume will have me switching gears, to say the least.  I need to do some research too, as I’m WAY out of my league making my first Zombie Bride!  I welcome any and all ideas and inspiration you might have for me!  I’ve got one week, so chime in quickly!  🙂





Counting the Days ’til School Starts

About this time of year, I have used up most of my functioning brain cells.  I begin to plan elaborate celebrations for my kiddos bus driver, I make lists of the things that need doing as soon as school starts and I start day-dreaming about finishing a cup of coffee (hot, mind you) all in one setting.  If nothing interrupts my day dream, I might even think about having my coffee whilst sitting down …………getting a little giddy writing this!!!  Oh, and if I was able to knit something that required my attention………while enjoying HOT coffee AND sitting down………..well, it just has to be the first day of school!

I only have one foster kiddo this year, but it feels like I have a dozen.  This guy needs to be almost attached to me, all of his waking hours.  I’m running on empty here & it shows.

Other parts of my life are taking a hit.  I  have no energy for anything, nor can I do any project around here that takes my eyes off this guy .  I noticed today our front lawn looking more like we have moved & forgot to schedule someone to handle the job.  Just not watering the lawn hasn’t quite discouraged the great drought tolerant crop of weeds we seem to have.

I have to get through 3 more days!  I can do anything for 3 days, right?  We’ve been having mini rehearsals towards this school thing being a success.  My guy has more than a touch of autism, so nothing is certain………but we have rehearsed the ride to school, where the bus drops off & picks up………..which clothes are going to ‘work’ for school, how to turn off the alarm clock AND get up when it rings……..    On and on.   How to take a shower that doesn’t eat up the entire time he should be getting ready……….you name it, we’ve practiced it.  Crossing my fingers we have covered all the possible melt down situations. HA, that made me laugh just typing it!

I did manage to get a few things done this week………….odd that it was the busiest week here….   But, I can sit & knit when talking and reviewing for the hundredth time, how Wednesday is going to play out.  I finished the pair of socks for Client D & had them all packaged to mail………..but then, realized the post office won’t be open until Tuesday!  I love these socks, and hope they make for a pair of Happy Feet!

Socks by StitchKnitThese look greener in the picture then the real thing.  The pink shows up equally to the green..   The fiber is corn, which was a new one for me.  I never did get used to the feel of the yarn, and I do think it made noise………..sort of like a squeak, when I was knitting it!

Since my sewing room (and the rest of the house) has been so torn up lately, due to the new windows, the clearing out of the attic and the crawl spaces for the insulation……..I took the opportunity to clear out some fabric too.

I listed some of the pieces on freecycle, and they have already found a new home!  I measured, took pictures and listed all the Halloween fabrics I have on Etsy.  No way was I going to have time to whip up something between now & October!  Hoping these all find homes too.  Here’s a sample: 


I’m going to get to work now, in the sewing room…………..It is ‘in your room time’ here…………and all is truly quiet.  I love Room Time!  🙂