Bright Baby Blanket

Finally caught up enough to get back to a project I started ……….oh, let’s say last spring.  Could have been earlier, but it’s done now, so who’s counting the months.

not your typical baby pastels!


I saw this on Pinterest and started gathering up yarn from “the stash” right away.  Even though stripes aren’t something I normally do, this just started calling my name!  I started in and loved it in spite of all the ends that were accumulating!

I’d love to see other color combinations if anyone has completed one of these.  I’m thinking I’d like to do another, but keep the colors in the same family……….  Of course, I’d like to see pink to burgundy, with maybe some lavenders thrown in.  What do you think for colors on this one?

One drawback to the project, at least for me, is that it’s a stay at home sort of event.  With so many skeins of yarn in my project bag, this one does not travel.