Fall = Scarves at Stitchknit

I’ve switched to turbo knit speed here at Stitchknit.  Fall arrived and I wanted to make some new items that were floating around in my head as ideas.  I hadn’t worked with huge needles for years & decided to give them a try again, to get something very chunky looking but truly lightweight…….

Light as air, bright red cowl

Light as air, bright red cowl

Cozy cowl.....warm, yet lightweight

Cozy cowl…..warm, yet lightweight

And, since September is Nat’l Sewing Month, I have a stack of fabric slated for scarves too!  Here is the first one …………

Lightweight, extra large scarf......in a brilliant shade of orange!

Lightweight, extra large scarf……in a brilliant shade of orange!

See these in my shop now………..and watch for the new creations as they make it from my cutting table to the shop!


Summer Sunshine Tie Dyed Scarf

Tie Dyed T shirt Scarf from Stitchknit

Tie Dyed T shirt Scarf from Stitchknit

Add a pop of color with this easy to wear upcycled T Shirt scarf.  $17.00


I have more of these coming………they are on the cutting table, so getting close to listing them!  (gray, dark green, purple, heathery looking dark blue)

Halloween Means Ms Poppins at Stitchknit

I wasn’t sure if my Mary Poppins inspired scarf would make another appearance for Halloween this year…………..but she is alive & well.

Just starting out

Just starting out

The orders started coming in on Sept 30th…………and just today I’m feeling caught up enough to list the item again in the shop. 

Getting one of the scarves ready for the fringe

Getting one of the scarves ready for the fringe

Total so far?  4 completed and shipped.  1 off the needles, waiting for finishing touches & packaging. 1 on the needles………..should be finished tomorrow and ready to ship on Monday.

And, a finished scarf!

And, a finished scarf!

The original.

The original.

The hat is on my list to figure out for next year!  Has anyone tried making this little number yet?



Roses & Ruffles in New Summer Wrap

I have had this piece of fabric for a long time. I pulled it out of my ‘stash’ months ago and kept moving it around the studio.   I knew what I wanted to make, I just needed to wait for a bit of time and a clear cutting table to lay it out.

I have a thing for roses…..as well as ruffles and when they are combined, I am quite happy!  This scarf is a repeat of one I had in my shop last year, same design, different fabric.  Roses tho!  This was the week and here is the new scarf.

Roses & Ruffles by Stitchknit

Roses & Ruffles by Stitchknit

This design has a multiple personality, as this works really well as a scarf….obviously, but also works as a shawl due to the larger size.  A great addition to your travel wardrobe, acting as a wrap for cooler evenings.  If you’re headed to the beach, this works as a swimsuit cover up too, just tie around your hips and you’re all set!

The fabric is lightweight and silky, so it also will work as a dramatic tie on a summer hat.  Because of the ruffles running the length of the piece, this will work as a head wrap, sort of turban style too.

I have additional pictures posted here, along with the dimensions and complete description.


As Long as It’s Pink

That seems to be what most little girls say when they are choosing something!  They love it, as long as it’s PINK!

This little scarf is finished off with knitted bows on both ends…………pushing it right off the Cute chart!  Perfect for the little girly-girl this winter.   I’ve just listed it here in the shop.


And, since it’s election day here in the states…………………I’ve voted!  (have  you??)


Still on the needles;  (or hook, as the case may be)

rust colored, lace weight bit of frothiness.  (otherwise known as a scarf!)

the white silk shawl is still mocking me too!

turning the heel today on sock #2 …..and these are for ME

making some granny squares to match the vintage blankets I’m repairing.  (these should be done…………oh, maybe winter of 2014!)

30/30 Challenge Update

I’m getting so close to the end of the month…..I can see that the calendar and my stack of scarves don’t match!  That’s right, I’m still knitting like a crazy woman, and I do think I’ll have a scarf a day for all the days of September, but …………      It is getting down to the wire!  🙂

Not sure where I left of here, but here’s some pictures of the last few days listings:

Love this! Seafoam green yarn and the stitch is actually called Sea Foam too.

Extra long, cabled scarf in a royal purple wool.


Ribbon Yarn works up to be so unique. Jewel tones with a thread of gold metallic throughout, for a bit of bling!

Back to work here!  I have a couple items on the needles, and some fleece just waiting to be turned into winter scarves.  I’m determined to finish the month with a scarf a day!




Catching Up With A Couple of Cowls


I’m getting slower as September flies by.  So, I’m making this quick.  Still have to write the draft listing for tomorrows’ scarf, and I’ve got an order for tomorrow AM here, that should be finished before I quit for the night.


Here’s a few more listings for my 30 Scarves in 30 Days for September.  For more pictures and complete descriptions, please stop by the shop here.  Feel free to buy a couple for yourself or as gifts.  I won’t feel bad at all, if I get to the end of September and don’t have any scarves left!  🙂


Hard to see, but there is a row of loops made from vintage velvet, and a vintage button on this piece. Buttons up in a variety of shapes.

A chunky cowl, big enough to pull up over your head as a hood, or slip the entire piece down over your shoulders as a wrap.


Smaller scarf, great for a little kiddo. Colorful, easy to maintain, and the right size.