Christmas Wrap Up

Finally, I have pictures of the Christmas 2013 project here at Stitchknit.  This took a full year, from November 2012 and they were picked up November 2013.

This was the stocking to copy....4 times!

This was the stocking to copy….4 times!

It took me until February to source the materials, matching the 2 ply wool yarn was the toughest.  Ordered white Angora to match the hair and beard and discovered they were actually cream.  Finally got my materials and then tackled the “notes” from the original knitter.  These were truly notes.  Not a pattern as we know patterns today.  The notes started from the cast on at the top of the sock and had some detail regarding the Santa face……….but the directions stopped at the heel flap!  Said to just continue as a sock!  Good thing I love sock knitting, and after painstakingly counting stitches on the original………just barreled ahead.    I was sweating the supplies I had ordered, as I truly am NO good in figuring yards, ounces and such.  Once I had the first stocking done (minus the double knitting at the top, the bells and the personalization) I felt so much better with the amount of yarn I had for the remaining 3.

Sock #1 & #2 Before blocking

Sock #1 & #2 Before blocking

Inching towards summer at this point and starting to see the November deadline flashing in front of me!  Implemented an hour a day on this project which helped me see consistent progress and kept me from away from full-blown crazy.

Saved the fussy bits at the top of the sock until I had all 4 stockings knit and sewn up the back.  (yes, the original had them worked flat until the Santa was knit, then joined & worked on double points.  Did the double knitting on all 4, added the bells and then stitched on the names.  Stopped mid way to block these before the bells went on….  Getting ahead of myself here.

Best news ever…….I did finish them on time, the client picked them up before Thanksgiving, so they could have their traditional decorating event that weekend.  Thanks to Rachel from I have pictures to remember the project.   The client gave me permission to write up a complete pattern to offer in my Etsy shop too, so the pictures are ready to go!

The beginning

The beginning

Blocked and Completed

Blocked and Completed


Ready to Display!

Ready to Display!

Now, I just need to write up a pattern & share this vintage goodness!


My Socks Have Names

Yes, I name my socks.  No, not names like Sarah or Beth………     This lovely pair actually has two names.  But, first ……the ‘why’ my socks have names.

I love knitting socks and I always, always, always have a project bag with me, in my van.  Inside the bag, there is yarn, my trusty universal pattern and some teensy tiny size 0 needles.  I only work on these when I’m out & about, so socks can live in the van for years.

With my move to my moms, I’ve learned that 90 year olds have their share of  medical appointments!  Put all those waiting rooms together with a bag full of sock supplies and I am more than content waiting!  This current pair has been ‘on the needles’ for a couple years.   I cast on sock #1 of this hot pink pair way back………at least 2 years, when my moms twin had a hip replaced.  (lots of waiting room time)  So, sock #1 is Doris’ Hip…………..     And, I finished up sock #2 during this past week, due to my moms TMJ and multiple medical appointments.  Thus, Sock #2 is Moms Jaw!

Casting off Sock #2

Finishing off Sock #2 here, down to 8 stitches and almost that many needles!  (always a good conversation starter when in a waiting room!)

Finished Socks!

And, here they are Doris’ Hip and Moms Jaw, in all their pinkness!  They have been in 3 hospitals, 1 nursing home, multiple doctors offices, 2 dental clinics and a handful of assorted therapy offices.  Well traveled and I haven’t even put them on yet!  🙂


********************************    Walk softly………..Wear loud socks!   ************************************

Todays Workshop; Socks on circs & Magic cast on

I’m almost brain-dead.  Definitely pushed my limits today.  Our weekly knit group decided (just who decided this was up for discussion today, when not a one of us could think anymore!) …….anyway, someone decided a workshop on socks on one circular needle was a great idea.

First, we watched some You Tube videos explaining the technique………….then we watched them a 2nd time………..and threw in the video for Judy’s Magic Cast on, for an added challenge.

Then, we all got to work, casting on for our practice socks.  Much enthusiasm at this point.  Fun. Joking around.  Iced tea.

I started with a toe up cast on.  Mixed results.  Tried again.  Much better.  Switched to the top down on the one needle………….having done both top down, toe up on 2 circs, I figured there wouldn’t be a ton of difference.  I was wrong.

It took me ages to get all my knits on one side & my purls on the other.  Simple concept, but apparently I have a little known skill of knitting my sock inside out or something.  I had mixed up the in & the out……….and was thrilled when it was coffee break time!

I did end up with a teensy bit of knitting to show for the afternoon.  And, no picture of it.  Perhaps tomorrow!

Counting the Days ’til School Starts

About this time of year, I have used up most of my functioning brain cells.  I begin to plan elaborate celebrations for my kiddos bus driver, I make lists of the things that need doing as soon as school starts and I start day-dreaming about finishing a cup of coffee (hot, mind you) all in one setting.  If nothing interrupts my day dream, I might even think about having my coffee whilst sitting down …………getting a little giddy writing this!!!  Oh, and if I was able to knit something that required my attention………while enjoying HOT coffee AND sitting down………..well, it just has to be the first day of school!

I only have one foster kiddo this year, but it feels like I have a dozen.  This guy needs to be almost attached to me, all of his waking hours.  I’m running on empty here & it shows.

Other parts of my life are taking a hit.  I  have no energy for anything, nor can I do any project around here that takes my eyes off this guy .  I noticed today our front lawn looking more like we have moved & forgot to schedule someone to handle the job.  Just not watering the lawn hasn’t quite discouraged the great drought tolerant crop of weeds we seem to have.

I have to get through 3 more days!  I can do anything for 3 days, right?  We’ve been having mini rehearsals towards this school thing being a success.  My guy has more than a touch of autism, so nothing is certain………but we have rehearsed the ride to school, where the bus drops off & picks up………..which clothes are going to ‘work’ for school, how to turn off the alarm clock AND get up when it rings……..    On and on.   How to take a shower that doesn’t eat up the entire time he should be getting ready……….you name it, we’ve practiced it.  Crossing my fingers we have covered all the possible melt down situations. HA, that made me laugh just typing it!

I did manage to get a few things done this week………….odd that it was the busiest week here….   But, I can sit & knit when talking and reviewing for the hundredth time, how Wednesday is going to play out.  I finished the pair of socks for Client D & had them all packaged to mail………..but then, realized the post office won’t be open until Tuesday!  I love these socks, and hope they make for a pair of Happy Feet!

Socks by StitchKnitThese look greener in the picture then the real thing.  The pink shows up equally to the green..   The fiber is corn, which was a new one for me.  I never did get used to the feel of the yarn, and I do think it made noise………..sort of like a squeak, when I was knitting it!

Since my sewing room (and the rest of the house) has been so torn up lately, due to the new windows, the clearing out of the attic and the crawl spaces for the insulation……..I took the opportunity to clear out some fabric too.

I listed some of the pieces on freecycle, and they have already found a new home!  I measured, took pictures and listed all the Halloween fabrics I have on Etsy.  No way was I going to have time to whip up something between now & October!  Hoping these all find homes too.  Here’s a sample: 


I’m going to get to work now, in the sewing room…………..It is ‘in your room time’ here…………and all is truly quiet.  I love Room Time!  🙂