Pondering the Winter Solstice

Pondering many things lately.  I know most everyone is all a-dither about the holidays, but I can truthfully say, I’m not.  I love the holidays, (as long as you don’t count Halloween)  Maybe it is a Fall thing? Maybe I really like the inside-the-house bit during winter?  Whatever it is, I love this time of the year.

I’m also big into looking back…………as well as looking ahead, and I like to do that between Christmas and New Years.  This year, most of my thoughts have been about my 1 year milestone as an Etsy Seller!  What a fun year.  I can’t even list all the things I’ve learned.  I do know most of the things are not related to sewing, knitting or crocheting!  I also know I have not been just sitting around knitting all year!

As I finished up the last of the holiday deadline type orders here in the studio, I have come across projects for the Etsy shop that had been put aside, due to my serious lack of time, and over booking the calendar.  A few of them got finished up last night and are now in the shop.

Knit with the Universal Scarf Pattern, I just join the ends with a 3 needle bind off, and it ends up as this lovely cowl, suitable for both men and women. This one is done in a heather yarn, with both greens and blues with a hint of charcoal.  Yummy soft too.  See it here.

I’ve had this gorgeous piece sitting next to my sewing machine for months.  Finished it up last night and I love it!  Waiting for instructions, as to finishing the back.  Brooch pin or hair clip…………or left alone for someone to use it in a necklace perhaps?  This is so soft, lightweight and prettier in person than I could capture in a photo.  See other pictures of it here.


I have more completed and listed…………but I’m out of time.  The shortest day of the year is no joke here in my house.  With school out, and my kiddo home, it seems like I only get 5-10 minutes at a time in my sewing room.


If you celebrate anything at this time of year………..may your celebration be blessed.  And, if you don’t…………may your days be blessed anyway!