A Mixed Up Week

I’m old enough to know life doesn’t go as planned.  Almost never!  I joke about writing the schedule on an Etch a Sketch, as it is just as changeable.  This week seems to be here only as a reminder to me…….of going with the flow……….living in the moment………..and not stressing over the little things (or the big things for that matter)

First off, the company expected on Monday………are coming today.   No sweat, right?  The food made ahead for Monday, did get used……….unfortunately, most couldn’t be frozen, so we’re starting over today.  Brunch this time, so everything is being done at the last minute for this one.  (If there is a change in plans, I can switch gears easier)

The respite foster kiddo we agreed to entertain over the school break, is coming today.  What’s one more teen age boy.  Plenty of food……..Covered.  Room ready…….??  Found a few surprises here, from the last kiddo.  Toilet wouldn’t flush…..plumber here last night.  Comforters & bedding clean……..  Hmmm??  Slashes in both the comforters and the blankets….  Mended those this AM.  TV/Game system check……….  Oh, not so good at all.  Cable box missing, TV remote pretty trashed and the power cord for the game system gone.  Cable guy coming Sunday, switched out the TV and will have to make a run out tomorrow for the power cord.   Hoping new kiddo is bringing some of his own “stuff” to occupy himself with, at least for the first couple days.

I will get to spend time knitting this week………….as I typically don’t let new kids out of my line of sight for awhile.  Working on a cotton knit baby hat, no pictures yet….Odd pattern, not sure I’ll be able to get the design in a picture anyway.  Running short on available babies in our family (read, none!)  so I’m asking everyone I run into if they have a baby who would model some hats for me, in exchange for a hat of their choice!  Have about 1 more day of knitting on this new hat, which is bright red, all cotton and sort of pixie-ish looking.  Very different from most baby hats & I’m loving it so far!

Here’s hoping I can keep up with the schedule here & our new kiddo has an enjoyable week with us.  ( I will be sure to tell him that ALL the people who are going to be here today don’t live here! )



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