Growing Pains

Too busy to keep up with anything these days!   I’m barely managing to keep up with clients orders in my little shop.

A great problem to have, people tell me…..   A successful, growing, home based business.  I love that my little shop is doing well, and grateful for the terrific clients.  BUT……   I can’t figure out how I’m going to manage if the shop continues to grow at this rate.

I did add in a wonderful high school student who comes in one day a week. She has been a true gift, doing most of the prep work for orders.  And, this week, I’ve added a woman who is going to help with the sewing, 1 morning a week.     I’ve also raised prices, stopped doing jobs I don’t like, and have the shop open only 3 days a week.

Trying any creative solutions………………




May Roundup

The month is almost over…….    I did follow through with my proposed changes for StitchKnit……..    And, as experiments go, I’m pretty happy.

I’m enjoying the new hours for the shop.   10-5 Wednesday through Saturday.   Opening an hour later, as well as closing on Tuesdays, is giving me more sewing time.  Blocks of time.   I was finding it hard to figure out, just when was a good time to get a wedding dress out, turn it inside out, and get it into a sewing machine!  Now, Tuesday’s are set aside for the large projects and it has been working well.

Harder for me, was my plan to hold off on taking any orders that had specific deadlines.   Prom season was a tough time to try this idea, however I had plenty of practice weighing whether or not, I could take on another prom dress.   I still can’t come up with a formula to help me decide.   Every week, the jobs are different.  And, I’m still the only one sewing……..and, yes, there are a limited number of hours in the week.

One of the best things to come about, was finding someone to assist in the sewing room.  I have a young lady who is helping out on Saturdays and making me feel much more organized.

Looking forward to June, and yes, looking forward to the last prom dress being finished for the season!

I’ll keep you posted………

One Post Per Year?

OK, that is ridiculous.  How long does an update to my blog take, for heaven’s sake?  Just checked, and my last entry was May of 2017.  Yikes.

Will see if I can up that to……….maybe 3 or 4??  🙂  I have been working full time, in my local shop, so have plenty to chat about, and pictures of work to share.  Not even sure I have an excuse for being absent.

Here’s a look into my corner of the studio.  IMG_2203

This is pretty neat, sometimes I can’t see the tops of my tables!  Have a couple more pieces of furniture coming in May……..hoping to create places for the orders waiting their turn.  Right now, they just pile up during the day, and I spend time after I close, getting everything labeled and stored in piles or on the hanging rack.

The little shop is booming.  New clients every day.  As much of a good thing that is……..I have discovered I can’t keep up with the work.  So, I’m going to try a new schedule, starting May 1st.

New Shop Hours:   10 – 5  Wednesday through Saturday.   I will see clients in the evening, by appointment only.

I’m hoping to use Tuesdays as an “all sewing” day, but not actually have the shop open to clients.  Having a large block of time will be great for some of the bigger, more complicated jobs.

Time to open up the shop & get started on my day!

Knee Deep in Sequins, Pearls and Tulle


_MG_6275 (2)

I am having so much fun!  May has certainly been busy here at the Stitchknit studio.  I had a few weddings in the works by the first of the month, and prom season started up with a flurry of fittings.  Gorgeous dresses………..there is no way to choose my favorite!

Lots of black for prom season and the bridesmade/mother of the bride dresses have covered the spectrum of colors.  The studio has been a mix of one beautiful dress after another.

The cost of some of the dresses does still take my breath away.  Cutting into them, or taking them apart gives me a bit of a pause……


Measure twice, cut once is an understatement here!  🙂

I Lost Track

Most certainly.  I have been trying to create  version of Mary Poppins black hat for……..oh, at least 5 years.  Lots of starts & stops.  Attempts and flops.  You name it….there were things that didn’t even resemble the infamous black hat with cherries & daisies. My bin of materials is a testament as to how many tries this project took, to get it out of my mind and translated into yarn.

This whole Poppins business started with a client asking if I could knit a scarf for her, to add to her Mary Poppins costume.  That was a cinch, just as soon as I checked the movie and Google!  (had never seen the movie)   Hardest part of that project was finding colors for the scarf that were close to the original.

Then, a client asked if I could make “the Hat”?   I mulled that one around for ages, again, looking up the original hat, and blowing up the screen so I could see details of the material. (and I watched the movie for the 2nd time)  I began searching for a base hat to just decorate……as well as starting a search for cherries!  Not as easy as the scarf, I thought.

I did find some black rafia, and thought I could get a hat that looked like a straw boater style hat.  Crocheted  a sample & was sorely disappointed.  That stuff wouldn’t stay where it was put.  The hat always looked like it was melting……….spreading out into a bumpy looking puddle.  Very un-hat-like!

After many more attempts, I have come to one I think is “practically perfect in every way” to quote Ms Poppins.



Crocheted black hat that can be scrunched up and pulled out of a carpet bag

A ribbon hat band


AND cherries.

Listed in my shop here:  Ms Poppins Black Hat

My Gift for the Sewing Studio


No, not the sewing machine………..or the fabric…     But the brilliant light strip.   I saw this advertised last week and it arrived this weekend.  Easy to add on to my machine and I’m no longer checking to see if the light had burned out on this model.

I’d been working on  clients jobs, and at least 6 pieces last week were black.  Black thread on black.   I actually thought the machines light bulb was out as it was so dark.

This light is from Bonlux (no, I’m not getting paid for this…..just wanted to share as it’s the best thing I’ve bought for my sewing room in decades!)  Just a little LED strip, that you cut to fit your machine……then plug it in and be prepared for a daylight sort of light, right on your hands and the needle area of the machine.  Love it!

Now, I’m pretty sure I need one of these for each machine!  🙂


Fall Updates at Stitchknit

My favorite season!  Fall is so colorful and I love the cooler temperatures.  I don’t even mind the constant Seattle rain.  It’s the perfect season for knitting, crocheting and sewing.

I have been busy adding items to my Etsy shop as well as working full time in my local studio; offering design and alteration services.

Here’s a couple of the new listings…..


Gray Cowl, knit with a mohair, wool, acrylic blend.



Fuchsia Knit Scarf with Gold Flecks

Also, I’ve been adding to my yarn listings in the Etsy shop.  Many from Ice Yarns & at affordable prices!  See them here

As always, I love to hear what you have on your needles or hook!  Send me a note or connect on Facebook or Twitter.