A New Listing & Some Sewing Karma

I’m loving this new, lightweight shawl.  Actually an infinity scarf………….but, it stretches out to drape over ones shoulders.  I keep experimenting with different combinations of yarn to get this scarf and shawl combination just right.  This feels and looks perfect!  With 2 strands of the yarn held together, it has enough weight to it, that  it drapes well………….yet light enough it would be appropriate as a spring & summer wrap.

I crocheted a flower to be used to attach the shawl to a garment, or to just gather up the edge of the shawl.  Since it isn’t attached to the shawl, but on a brooch pin, the pin can be used alone too.


This weekend I pushed the envelope re; multi-tasking.  I needed to add some training hours for my upcoming foster license renewal, so I picked out a couple video trainings to watch this weekend.  One yesterday & a 2nd today.  Each of them 4 hours long!  Yikes.  Yesterdays was OK, today was very good.  But I feel like my brain cells are just about fried.  Instead of just sitting & watching these…………..I worked in my studio at the same time.   I had a box of items that all  just ‘needed something’.  It was getting pretty full, but I worked my way through all the issues.  I finished several items for the shop and even took pictures, I swatched some yarn for possible projects and I did the finishing details for a couple projects that had just been languishing in wait.

I also finished the sorting and labeling of all my yarn!  No small feat!

All this, AND certificates for 8 hours of cont. ed credits with info I will actually be able to put into practice here.


To finish off the week end……….I had a new sewing client and what I’m calling some sewing karma.  I had received an email from my Craigslist ad, re; bridal alterations.   Apparently someone had agreed to do some alterations on a wedding dress & could not follow through.  The little glitch was the wedding is this coming Saturday!  Yikes.  After seeing the dress on the soon to be bride………I crossed my fingers and added a real costume sort of fix to the inside of the dress.  Without having to actually alter the dress, I think it is going to work perfectly.  It fit great, the bride looked lovely and the whole ‘fix’ took less than 15 minutes.  Love appointments like this.  I like the challenge of thinking of a fix that might not be your typical alteration.  And, I love the deadline, and the chance to think creatively.  Reminds me of the poster I have in my studio:  Problems Create Opportunities.


Watch for more new items this week, as I’ve got them all waiting in the wings after this week ends marathon work session.

*  Multiple cotton scarves in Easter colors

*  A knit baby blanket with a crocheted border

*  The ribbon rose brooch is finished!

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