happy earth day!


I grew up when this was just how one lived….not a ‘thing’ with a special day for it!  Pretty sure all three have creativity at their core too!

I try to be mindful of all three R’s in my studio, by making conscious decisions to save bits & pieces of fabric and yarn.  If I can’t come up with projects for them, I find organizations that will be able to use what I can’t.  Feels great to keep items out of the land fill if at all possible.

Making something from vintage patterns or material is usually more fun for me than starting with all new materials.  Costs less too!  Re purposing parts of a garment and turning it into something wonderful is a special treat!

Little Girls 'twirl' skirt, using vintage lace....

Little Girls ‘twirl’ skirt, using vintage lace….

I continue to search for vintage patterns, adding a couple new ones on a daily basis.   I love this one, added here today

Very easy, Very Vogue….a beautifully simple design. Hasn’t been cut or unfolded!



Re Purpose

See how much more creative you’ll feel!


Love Your Serger Month!

Can’t imagine my sewing room without a serger. (actually have more than 1, just in case…  )

I’ve been making a note if I use mine daily, now that I know it has its’ own month on the calendar, and yes…  I do something with mine at least daily!  There are days it is the only machine I use.

I’m not adept at all the things mine will do, mostly because I have never taken the time to investigate the possibilities.  When I purchased my latest one, I wanted so badly to take the Get to know your serger class the store offered, but I was caring for my mom & her twin and knew I would never get to class.  Now, years down the road, the machine is still working great;  The operator however, is just sewing with the basics still.

How about you, do you use your serger for more than finishing seams?  How about mastering the narrow overcast hem business?  ( I have figured that one out….on most fabrics anyway)

In the Studio at Stitchknit

I have been busy sewing on clients’ orders, but have managed to get a few things completed and a new scarf on the needles.  Not sitting idly by here!

Interesting yarn, white with eyelash detail and another strand with little puffs of color

Interesting yarn, white with eyelash detail and another strand with little puffs of color.  Will end up being a great summer weight scarf.

Planning ahead for football season!  Baby sized football hat for the little fans!

Planning ahead for football season! Baby sized football hat for the little fans!

Upcycled T shirt Scarf; Fun summer accessory

Upcycled T shirt Scarf; Fun summer accessory

Stop by the shop to see what else I’ve been up to.  Stitchknit; Creations in Fabric & Fibers

International Safety Pin Day; April 10th

International Safety Pin Day



Celebrate simplicity and practicality this Safety Pin Day. Legend has it that, in 1849, Walter Hunt, the inventor of the safety pin, owed a friend $15 and decided to invent something new in order to earn the money to repay him. He invented the safety pin.

Strong and sharp, yet safe enough to be used on clothing, safety pins are a simple yet ingenious invention, which practically everyone has used at some point.

I use safety pins here at Stitchknit.  All the time!  The handiest use is when I’m fitting a garment on a child, or anyone worried about getting stuck with a straight pin.  Using safety pins for a fitting is a perfect solution.  Thrilled that Mr Walter Hunt came up with this handy little invention!

I also use safety pins when knitting & crocheting.  If I can’t find a fancy-pants marker, a safety pin works just as well.  The larger one will usually slip over a needle too, so I can also use them as a quick stitch counter.  For students who find a ‘live’ dropped stitch in their work, a safety pin will keep the stitch in place until they can get here for some Knitting 911.

Do you have safety pins in your sewing or knitting tools?  What’s your typical way of using them?

Cotton Yarn: Just Listed

Deep Cayenne Red Cotton Yarn...The latest addition to my 'found' yarn

Deep Cayenne Red Cotton Yarn…The latest addition to my ‘found’ yarn

This is a lovely yarn, great for knitting or crocheting!


Stitchknit; Creations from fabric & fibers



Mystery Yarn Box

Collection of mystery yarn from Stitchknit

Collection of mystery yarn from Stitchknit

Available in my shop for $21.00.  Great gift idea for Mothers Day, if you have a grandma or mom who delights in making crafts, doll clothes or other small projects!  I ship these inside the US and will be happy to include a message from you!




On The Needles….still

I’ve been working on this hat for what seems like years.  More likely, just months……….but with these tiny needles it is taking an age!

On the needles; slouch hat in pink with a glint of gold

On the needles; slouch hat in pink with a glint of gold

Just a couple more inches I think………then I’m going to just gather up the crown and sew up the side seam.  Should fit loosely, falling into soft folds in the back.

Could be done by Christmas!